The CYC ICT Strategy

As everyone in local government is acutely aware, this is a time of both huge challenge and significant opportunity. Central to this is a realisation of a new model for local authority service delivery; a model that will increasingly look to digital enablement and engagement as the agents of change.

This will require ICT to operate intelligently in the space between a dynamic business aspiration and the existing customer experience: an increasingly complex and shifting landscape. In early 2017 we set out to better understand this by developing a research project that drew upon our knowledge of user-centred design. Read more about our approach.

We began by speaking to service leads to capture service-level aspiration. We then tested this against the broader authority vision by speaking to senior managers and Members.

Lastly we took the insights from these and tested them against the sentiment of our users on the ground – both internal and external – in order that we might better understand where there was alignment and, more importantly, to identify any gaps.

Through this research we were able to build a vision for a transformed local authority; one that is truly fit for the digital age, and the underpinning technological and cultural aspirations of the business.

On the basis of these insights we have developed five guiding principles to ensure ICT is able to create the momentum needed for digital success. These are not merely broad strategic signposts; they are deeply connected to our programme of work and they clearly articulate what success should look like in a real world context.

And as this is a living strategy, these will evolve and expand over time. We will provide frequent updates and examples of where they are affecting real change – for ICT, the authority and our partners.