Our guiding principles

Our guiding principles: the five areas that will shape our future

1: Connectivity

We believe that by maximising and optimising access to our digital estate through highly available, secure and robust connectivity, we will empower our customers to work and transact with us on their terms.

What success looks like

  • Less connectivity outages and downtime
  • Unified comms/more agile telephony
  • Work any time, anywhere
  • Ready for increased consumption
  • More seamless experiences across public service networks

What we are doing in support of this

  • Delivering a new managed service contract
  • Ensuring our network is fit for the future
  • More joined up networks/GovRoam
  • City WiFi/fibre
  • Business connectivity offers
  • Skype for Business

2: Infrastructure

We believe that by delivering a secure, resilient and commoditised infrastructure layer our customers will enjoy a consistent device- and location- agnostic experience whilst we empower services and partners to transition to new ways of operating.

What success looks like

  • Less network/server outages
  • Faster log-in times
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)/composable infrastructure offer

What we are doing in support of this

  • Direct Access (accessing internal resources remotely)
  • Nutanix/hyper-convergence
  • Updating corporate platforms: Microsoft Exchange

3: Applications

We believe that by focussing on light, scalable and connected solutions we will create an agile and unentangled digital ecosystem, enabling us to be more responsive to business change and to fully support new service and commercial models.

What success looks like

  • Applications that talk to each other without complex integrations
  • Applications that work out of the box and do need extensive customisations
  • Better and faster access to key data
  • Reduced reliance on legacy systems

What we are doing in support of this

  • Total Mobile
  • New vehicle tracking solution
  • Lone working solution
  • Housing redesign
  • New HR applications
  • CYC Information Asset Register (IAR)

4: User experience

We believe that by helping the business to build great digital experiences driven by lean end-to-end business processes, we will enable them to realise efficiencies and refocus their resource where it adds most value.

What success looks like

  • More user involvement: user interviewing, co-design, usability testing
  • Processes, services and digital offers designed together
  • Solutions that are always tested with the end user

What we are doing in support of this

  • Developing a User Experience (UX) Toolkit
  • New regional adoption offer
  • YorWellbeing platform
  • CRM rollout

5: Communicating & sharing

We believe that by being better at communicating and sharing with our customers, we will cultivate a cooperative of digitally informed users who have the confidence to exploit new technologies and to challenge and disrupt our thinking.

What success looks like

  • More creative conversations with customers
  • Frequent and up-to-date blogs
  • More user workshops
  • Regular educational slots at staff sessions

What we are doing in support of this

  • Blogging around this strategy
  • Delivering a programme of Code Clubs supported by local partners
  • Delivering presentations at key staff events around emerging and disruptive technologies

Overview of the strategy

ICT Strategy diagram [web]