The vision

Through our research we established two over-arching digital aspirations of the authority

CYC: A digital business

What is a digital business?

“A new business model that blurs the lines between the digital and physical realms”

What does CYC as a digital business look like?

A multi-agency, self-service platform: digitally centralised; physically localised.

The tenets of CYC: A digital business

  1. The customer is always first
    Customers will only self-serve on their terms
  2. The council is the platform
    The customer doesn’t care who delivers the end service, but they do care how easy it is to access and track that service
  3. Transparency is change
    A culture of openness and constant communication empowers the business to evolve new delivery models through new relationships
  4. Data is the foundation
    In a digital economy understanding the customer and business need at scale – and measuring against success criteria – requires rich data and the tools to interpret it

CYC: A digital workforce

What is a digital workforce?

“An informed workforce that can work collaboratively and securely from any location”

What does CYC as a digital workforce look like?

A seamless, partner-friendly work ecosystem: integrated; data-driven; mobilised.

The tenets of CYC: A digital workforce

  1. Collaborative means transformative
    A workforce that is empowered to collaborate and share will self-transform through cross-skilling and novel working
  2. Informed means customer-ready
    A workforce that understands digital, and is confident in its use, will create great customer experiences
  3. Mobility means efficacy
    A workforce that can work from anywhere will gravitate towards the point of maximum value-add
  4. Disruptive means agile
    A workforce that is equipped to challenge and disrupt will drive change in the business